Water (A Poem)

Water (A Poem)

Trying to drink more water.

Spent most of today running to the bathroom.

Why is being healthy so annoying.

At least I’ve added some extra steps in my day!





Office and Living Room Cleanup

This week off from work I spent cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing, painting, and decorating my home.  We started at 6am on Monday and ended around 7pm on Friday and hit my office, living room, hallway, kitchen, and family room.  I am beat (and broke!) but it was all worth it!


First up was the mess on my office window.  I am definitely a hoarder and tend to throw things behind me, thinking I’ll come to it later.


Excuse the different format, took this pic with my phone because one of my kids ran off with my camera!  It was easy moving or throwing out the bigger items.  But once we got towards the bottom, I struggled staying on task.  I don’t know what psychologically is wrong with me that I struggle to finish things.  I will even leave forks in the sink after washing a bunch of dishes! A habit I am working on breaking!


Next was my living room.  I honestly don’t remember what came first, the wall color or the sofa… either way it just didn’t work.  Plus we never put any effort into adding decor and making our house feel like a home.


Please excuse our tilted painting, we had just came home from our weeks vacation and the house was in a disarray.  The painting was made by my oldest daughter (our resident artist) and my only real attempt at trying to put something meaninful on the wall. Even then I messed up because the frame is too big for the painting… did I mention I’m not good at decorating?


These pictures were taken literally the day after we came home from vacation so we still hadn’t unpacked… OK, so that only accounts for the two bags at the bottom of the floor. Everything else is just our mess and no excuse.


After perusing on Pinterest (because my decorating skills are non-existent), I decided on a “Desert Theme” because I love the simplicity of the colors, plants, and just the overall vibe (for lack of a better word).  I was once OBSESSED with the Native American culture and how they lived out in the dry lands (when I was a kid I would spend hours by myself at the Museum of Natural History just learning about it – I was born a nerd).img_0310

I read that you had to frame the wall so when you paint, you don’t get it on the ceiling or floor. I didn’t realize that they meant just drawing a straight line across the top and bottom.  By the time I was done “framing”, I was half way done and my arms were exhausted!


My supervisor.  Bo is meant to be a construction dog.  Moving chairs, banging paint cans, and flying dust did not deter this dog from hanging out in the living room. He was underfoot the whole time watching me and rooting me on!


After all the painting was done, we hightailed it (ha! get it, Bo’s tail in the pic? High tail? Moving on…) to Hobby Lobby and racked up on anything with a cactus or succulent on it. My lamps (which came with the sofa set) aren’t really desert theme, but I like the contrast.  Who wants everything to match perfectly?!


My daughter didn’t want to be in the picture, but she also didn’t want to get off the sofa. So this is the result.  The tapestry in the middle is actually from an amazing organization called Trades of Hope (please go visit and support women in poverty create an income for themselves).

That’s it for now!  I’ll share more before/after pictures over the next few weeks.  Hope you enjoyed!





Last week was our family vacation at The Wildwoods (I still have to put up my post on that one!) and this week I’m also off from work and plan to de-clutter and organize!  I am definitely a hoarder by nature, I hate throwing anything away and I love collecting books and papers.  But when my surroundings are a mess and disorganized, it’s hard for me to get energy to do anything about it.

So this week I’ve enlisted my mother (whose NYC apartment is super organized and compartmentalized) to help me first de-clutter then reorganize everything.  I’m hoping to get the main floor done by midweek so we can then move upstairs to my bedroom (disaster!) and the linen closet.  True story –  I literally put a lock on the closet door because the kids were taking out towels and linens by the handful and leaving everything in a disarray.  I was so angry about it that I made my husband put a lock on it and it worked… until I got tired of the kids constantly coming to me for the key! Now it dangles unlocked – another failure of a project!

I love organization and keeping things clean.  I don’t do well when someone comes after me and makes a mess All. The. Time.  Which, as a mother of four kids and a fur baby, and a wife, is a bit ridiculous.  But over the years, as the kids got older, I’ve become more lax in my cleaning (A LOT lax) because I get annoyed at having to pick up after other people.  I’ve tried to teach my kids to pick up after themselves but there’s always an excuse (I’m working and going to class, my head hurts, I did it yesterday – isn’t it so-and-so’s turn?) and it’s beyond tiring for me.  My job is intense and I work more than 40 hours a week.  So I just want everyone to do what their supposed to do because the stress from work and home can get to me.

Anywhoooo…. so I plan to get rid of a lot of stuff and hopefully it will help with my stress and anxiety a bit.  I’m also still working on my Life Insurance career so I have a few things to do with that this week also.

Thanks for listening!